Spanish City

by Great Cop



released June 24, 2013

Recorded by Paul McInally at 45 a Side Studios



all rights reserved


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Struggletown Records Glasgow, UK

A small record label from Glasgow in Scotland dealing with all your pop-punk, hardcore, emo and punk rock needs.

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Track Name: Stop Hiding
Im feeling this hurt in my bones i cant explain
Im leaving mistakes back at home
I need my faith
I cant fake the choice i make these mistakes
You turn your back on me
I cant fill my lungs this way
To breathe to learn im on my own

Every night i lie awake
For every feeling thats fake
Justify what you say(how cold it must be)
Get your story straight(deep down inside of me)
What are these questions for, if i have no answers?
Sugarcoat, sugarcoat it (how cold it must be)
The truth unspoken stop hiding(deep down inside of me)

Its so cold the blood in your veins, the blood in these veins
(And every place we'll go)
Youre a liar, im a liar
(And still nothing we'll hold)
Now i answer to nobody
(And every place we'll find)
Everytime i question faith
(And still nothing we'll hide)
Track Name: Weight
I've been thinking about it all
And night after night,
It's as sure,
As daybreak.

The darkness,
The darkness creeping in,
And the impending light.

I need,
The music of your breath,
To keep me grounded,
And from floating away.

And I can't
I can't believe,
The things I've learned
And things I'll forget.

You give me defintion, (Weight)
You give me a purpose,
You pull me back from
that big, black void,
At least for now, (Weight)
At least for now,
At least for.

She said,
write down every word,
That I, say.

And you'll have,
A novel's worth one day,
Yes you, will, yes you will.

You give me defintion, (Weight)
You give me a purpose,
You pull me back from
that big, black void,
At least for now, (Weight)
At least for now,
At least for.
Track Name: Faultlines
A beating heart straight to the ground
I cant help myself
Distorted in my head nothings making sense
Cant feel anything

How sweet of you to say
You drain me, you pour it all away

Girl you cant win
The walls are paper thin
Ive gotta lose myself
Gotta get away
A magnet in my brain wont let me stay

Faultlines map them out
In you not me
Where are you now?
Where am i?
I am south of no north

Keep running away, keep running.
Distort in my head
Like being rescued by a sinking ship
I see
Track Name: Anchors
I bury this at the bottom of the sea, when it comes too close to me
all that's sinking to the floor, seems endless and hollow
I find anchors in my head, four driven nails at the riverbed
they stand Eiffel tower high, every searchlight turns to black

there is no future in the past
I scream this is my last
raise a white flag, you have lost
(i will follow, I will follow)

All these anchors in my head let go, let go
All these chains around my heart, let go, let go

I search through time for a release
I pull it out, it repeats
Filtered words through shattered teeth

You are illiterate
fluent in self defense

let go let go
Track Name: Numb
Tell me where these pieces fit, to find its never even
Numb this need to shed my skin im so sick of feeling

Dont ever hide from what you love to find yourself
point an arrow at its heart and take aim

Arm yourself with dissonance
theirs always something missing
ill black this out and leave again
im so sick of feeling

All you possess keeps falling through your hands
im happy here dont try to pull me down

Arm yourself
im so sick of, so sick