by The Winter Passing

1990 01:56
All your best intentions, since the rainy night that I was born. The roads were deep in floods, when you carried me home. Now I’m 21 years gone and I’m sorry that I’m not the man that you aspired me to be. Leave the key out and don’t wait up for me. I’ll be home in the morning.
Crooks 03:39
I made my way through town last night just to see if anything had changed since I last walked these streets, but everything was as grey as it’s always been except a lick of paint on an old abandoned pub. And I can’t help complaining. It’s always raining, even in the summer time all our hopes and dreams were washed down the drain. I’m standing here on Main Street still wondering why all the crooks stole all the pretty girls. I’m just waiting for something to happen while the jukebox plays all it’s saddest songs. I take a look around the room and realize I’ve got nothing left in common with any except a Tipperary accent. I still have your picture hanging in my room to remind myself of your bright blue eyes but some things come too late and we’ve been through this before, just please don’t tell me I’m walking home alone. I still remember my fathers words that night when he said ‘’Son, no matter where you go in life, this will always be your home’’
Lead me up the garden path, laying stones on the dead soil. It seems like it was inevitable that nothing here was ever going to blossom again. Don’t you dare go writing one of your pathetic letters that I don’t want to read. I know you said you’re sorry a thousand times already but at 4am at night, that doesn’t mean shit. I sat on a park bench near the house you use to live in and I thought about the nights we use to spend and how you pull me down each day and how every day we’re growing shorter. Last night when I was walking through Streamstown, I realized that I’m better off without you here.
Feels Like 03:08
Yeah this feels like forever, yeah this feels like forever. I’m so tired of being here all by myself. Stop acting this way, stop acting this way. Yeah I don’t wanna go another day without you close to me or spent together when this all began two years ago but it feels like yesterday. I tried to write you a letter that explained everything but my hands were shaking, heart strings were pulling, I’m dying here, I’m dying. I’ve been waiting, so patiently. I know that you’ve taking your time but maybe someday. The patterns in your skin still get me every single time and I just wanna know that you still miss me cause I’m dying here, I’m dying. I always dreamed of movie scenes that I played out in my mind, where we’re walking home and holding hands like paperback love story set in the 1960’s. I know that you’ve been taking your time but maybe someday.


released March 12, 2012


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