Spilt Milk Perfume

by Algernon Doll

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From the upcoming album, "Omphalic"


Could it be a halo?
A head dress with a label
above you
or maybe when the rain resumes
you'll brighten up your tune?
I think it's just a rainbow
or something as explainable, something true
but maybe if i squint my eyes the buried looks in bloom?
orchids or mildew?
Spilt milk surrounds you
'if only i could too.
I saw you through the window
I couldn't smell a thing though,
My perfume
attracts a certain person I can't choose.
I breathe black and blue
Spilt milk surrounds you
If only I could too
assume perfume


released February 3, 2014
Recorded by Tom Mitchell at Clearwater Studios

Drums by Tom Mitchell


all rights reserved



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